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Purpose. This web site describes the biomedical research of the Carlson lab, and provides access to pdf files of Dr. Carlson's publications. In addition, there is information on his clinically-oriented projects.

About. Dr. Carlson is a Professor of Surgery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) and a staff surgeon at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. His clinical interests include general and minimally invasive abdominal surgery, and his basic research interests include wound healing, regenerative medicine, and hemostasis. Dr. Carlson's contact information is available here.

Site Contents

Curriculum Vitae. This link opens a pdf file of Dr. Carlson's CV.

Biomedical Research. Brief descriptions of Dr. Carlson's basic research, with pages on:

Clinical Interests. Dr. Carlson's clinical interests, with pages on:

Publications. Dr. Carlson's publications in pdf format:

Atlas of Minimally Invasive Surgery. Published in 2009, this is a combined DVD-hardcover atlas of minimally invasive procedures in general surgery. A second volume was published in 2013.

Daily Diet Score™. A rationally-designed technique of dieting for weight control.

Presentations. An archive of Dr. Carlson's oral presentations, with supporting files.



(pdf files can be accessed with any freely available pdf reader, such as Adobe Reader.)

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